Contoh Teks Pidato Bahasa Inggris Singkat

Contoh teks Pidato bahasa inggris singkat. Pembaca yang saya hormati, kemampuan kita dalam berbahasa inggris tgentunya sangat berpengaruh dalam kehidupan kita baik karir maupun kehidupan pribadi. Bila anda fasih dalam berbahasa inggris anda akan dnegan mudah bergaul dengan ornag asing. Anda juga akan dnegan mudah mendapat pekerjaan yang bagus di perusahaan asing. Kelemahan bahasa ingris kita terutama di speaking. Untuk melatih anda yang lemah dalam speaking berikut kami sajikan contoh teks pidato yang di tulis dalam bahasa inggris. Silahkan di baca dan di praketkan ya.pidato bahasa inggris

Pidato bahasa inggris

The most Honorable ones: The principle of SMPN 3 MALANG, teachers, staff of administrator and also all my friends who attend at this meeting.

The first of all let us thank to the Allah The Almighty. Blessing and mercy that given to us has allow us to get together in this great place. Solawat and Salam deliver to our great prophet Muhammad SAW who give us light to the truth religion of Islam.

Ladies and gentlemen

This is my honor to be able to stand here and give speak in from of you on the occasion of this HARDIKNAS or National Education day.
As we all know that Indonesia is great country. Great mean that we have great number of population and also wide area like ocean, jungle and so on. Basically we have great natural resources that need to be explored for the benefit of Indonesian. We must realize that it is not easy to get the most benefit of those resources for Indonesian. Therefore educating young Indonesian is very important.

Ladies and gentleman

Education is paramount here. Parent and also school and other stake holder have to work hand in hand in order to deliver the best education for the student. Remember our future relay on young generation like us. If we have proper education we will able to manage natural resources. This Obviously not an easy task, the government obviously need to deliver more afford to support and give the best education for young generation.

Tak lupa kami ajak anda untuk membaca cerita legenda dalam bahasa inggris terbaik kami. Di bagian lain anda harus membaca percakapan bahasa inggris lengkap. semoga anda suka tulisan saya ya.

Pembaca yang baik hati itulah Contoh teks Pidato bahasa inggris singkat yang secara khusus kami sajikan untuk anda. Semoga bisa berguna dan bermanfaat ya.

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